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What are web cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer by the web browser you’re using. They’re not very sophisticated at all. In fact, they’re just text files. And not very interesting to look at. Here’s an example:

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When you visit a website that uses cookies for the first time, the browser downloads the cookie (or text file) to your computer. So your browser ‘knows’ you’ve visited. When you visit that same site again, your browser checks to see if it has a cookie from that site, if it does, it sends that info back to the site. The site then ’knows’ that you’ve visited before. That’s why sometimes you’ll get a ‘Welcome back’ message. 

Why use web cookies?

Most websites use cookies because it helps to make your online experience better. That’s because website developers and writers can create better content for you if they remember you’ve been before. They can do things like not ask for your info again (annoying), remember what’s in your shopping bag (#grateful) and display things as you like them. 

Cookies and the law

EU law legislation states that a website must let you know when it uses cookies. That’s why you get those pop-ups that ask you to accept a website’s cookies when you first visit it. 

So without further ado, here’s our cookie policy:

How Haysto uses cookies

The way we use cookies is pretty simple. We use one kind of cookie, and that comes from Google Analytics.

These cookies help us analyse our website's performance. They count how many people visit the site and how they use it. This helps us improve the way the website works. For example, we can make information easier to find and read.

Turning cookies off

If you don’t want your cookies on, you can disable them by adjusting the settings on your browser.

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Terms of use

If you’re unsure about what our obligation to you as a Haysto website is, read our Terms of use page.

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For details about the information on this site, go to our privacy policy page.

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